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Our showrooms are by appointment only to give our customers our fullest attention. Please contact us directly to schedule a showroom appointment, if we haven’t done so already. Our appointments maybe scheduled for 2 or 4 hours depending on your home and design required. Some appointments may require a additional appointment at a later date in order to finalize everything.

Absolutely! We will schedule your design center appointment wherever is most convenient for you.

We are waiting for the builder to send us FINALIZED floor plans, contracts, schedules, etc. Once we have all the information from your builder we will contact you immediately!

The L&L Company services builders based in the mid Atlantic and many of our divisions (not all) will provide commercial, multifamily, and remodel flooring solutions.

Please contact us here:
Phone: 703-881-7100
Email: Info@thelandlcompany.com

We would love for you to learn more about The L&L Company! Contact us and we will gladly review product and processes with you in one of our design centers.

Feel free to contact us directly, and we will answer your questions!