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Culture at The L&L Company

In this casual, yet professional, team environment, The L&L Company empowers its employees to act in the best interest of its customers – to provide quality customer service.

The L&L Company's Unifying Principles:

  • Leadership & Partnering for Performance
  • Philosophy
  • Make Their Day, Be There, Play

Mission Statement: Our company is dedicated to providing quality floor covering and service to homebuilder's and homeowners.

When employees were asked to use a one-word descriptor of working at The L&L Company, some responses received were “friendship”, “recognition”, “rewards”, “training”, “security”, “pride”, “casual”, “fun”, and “opportunity”.

The L&L Company's high employee referral rate stems from its ability to:

  • Provide quality customer service to homebuilders and homeowners.
  • Provide long term working relationships between management and staff.
  • Provide a sense of empowerment and ownership of duties.
  • Provide enrichment opportunities through company paid college tuition reimbursement program.
Bedroom flooring | The L&L Company
Tile flooring | The L&L Company

Our Employees

Our employees enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Building the Bench – Promote from within
  • Yearly Raises
  • Year End Bonus
  • Yearly Retirement contributions
  • Yearly The L&L Company wide offsite meetings
  • Yearly departmental offsite meetings
  • Promote from within
  • Health Insurance
  • Vacation time
  • Continual Training
  • Team Environment promoting problem solving and growth